Thanks so much for stopping by my show page. You’ll find a lot of information on the following pages. Stuff about the show host, the show for the current week, how to contact the bands in the rotation that week, how to submit your music if you’re in a band and much more.


I play a wide variety of music on my show. I try to cover all the bases. Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Classic Rock and a lot more. There will be bands you’ll know and bands you’ll be discovering for the very first time but make no mistake it’s all GREAT music. My show is based in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA in the Good ‘Ol U.S. of A.





ROCKIN’ in Philly and all around the World 24/7 365



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My primary goal is to provide, through the music I play, GOOD VIBES & POSITIVE ENERGY that I hope will make you feel good inside, and if you get that feeling …






I’m glad you’re on this Rock N Roll journey with me.


“It’s Everything – That – ROCKS!”





Joanne Elizabeth – Founder

The Philly ROCK Network