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 Joanne Elizabeth 

JOANNE 4-26-19



I think when I was born they had a radio in the delivery room tuned to some great rock music cause I remember feeling like I wanted to ROCK. Well, LOL, maybe not but I feel like it’s been in my blood forever.

I can remember my parents telling me, “Turn it down. It’s too loud.” But the louder the better, and besides, who ever listens to their parents. LOL

I got involved in radio hosting because of another show host I’d met on Twitter. He has a great show, and I tuned in every single week. I sent him an email to tell him how much I enjoyed his show. Spent time talking with him about the business and about six months later he suggested I try my hand at being a radio host. He said the passion I feel about music, especially ROCK music, … I could do it.  

How could I do this. I just spent the last twenty years being a nurse. I told him I had my doubts. I had no formal training in broadcasting, but he had confidence in me. He became my mentor. He helped me learn what I needed to know to do a good show that people would be interested in. I took off running and never looked back. Never imagined I’d be a radio host, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I have become friends with so many of you because of the music, and have met some great bands; Pop Evil, 3 Doors Down, 30 Seconds To Mars (four times). It really is true that music can bring the world together.

I play a wide variety of Rock N Roll on my show including Independent artists and I’m proud of this because most of these artists don’t get a chance on other established radio shows who only seem interested in bands the listeners are already familiar with making it hard for new bands to even get noticed.



My goal … listeners happiness. 

So, if you enjoy … IN – YOUR – FACE – ROCK – N – ROLL  tune in and get ready for some awesome energy with positive vibes that will make you break out that Air-Guitar and feel like headbangin’ the rest of the day.




LESS talk, MORE music!!