Dreamcatcher Music Promotion is a newly founded radio plugging and PR business whose goal is to get your music radio airplay as well as create a buzz about your music/gig releases.

I’ve been in the music and radio business for six years, first working on LIVE365 with my own station back in 2015, then I had a show on Rock On The Rise Radio, and now, once again, my own station on LIVE365, The Philly ROCK Network so I have a fair amount of knowledge about what the stations are looking for in considering a band for airplay on their stations/shows. Plus, I understand how to advise the bands on the do’s and don’ts of getting their music/band  noticed. It takes more than just making a track and streaming it.

 Dreamcatcher Music Promotion has the goal of working with Independent, as well as New/Unsigned bands specializing in Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Blues Rock, Prog Rock, and Hard Rock. 

My goal is to promote your music both here in the states as well as worldwide to as many radio stations as possible for maximum exposure of your music. Also, update you about the stations playing your music. 

The only thing I will need is your commitment to work hard, to be serious about what you want, to have realistic goals and to believe in what you are doing. As a team, working together, we can make a difference. You have enough to worry about trying to find the time to create your fantastic music to share with your listeners.

Let me help with the PR. 

When your records sales/downloads increase, when your T-Shirts are seen being worn in pictures on social media, when your music gets played on the mainstream radio stations I will be happy. I’m sure you will be too.


The only thing left to say is: LET’S GET YOU NOTICED!



Joanne Elizabeth – Founder

Dreamcatcher Music Promotion